Successful Recycling Event

Posted by Seth Duncan Sunday, June 21, 2015 9:19:00 AM

The Town of Batesburg-Leesville recently received a grant from Palmetto Pride to help reduce litter and promote recycling in our parks and Town Hall. New smoke receptacles and dual recycling/trash containers have been placed at Leesville College Park, Wilson Street Park, and Town Hall. These receptacles will help us keep our community parks clean, while bringing awareness to the importance of recycling. The Town will maintain these new bins and ensure all recyclables are disposed of properly.

At Town Hall, we have taken a number of steps recently to reduce waste and go green. We now have an active recycling program to reduce paper, aluminum cans and plastic bottle waste. Staff members limit the number of pages printed and work as best they can to go green. They also turn off lights, computer monitors and other electricity consuming items when not in use.

Additionally, the Town recently held a Recycling and Disposal Event to collect and recycle unwanted tires, electronics and paper. The event was a huge success netting 468 tires, 680 pieces of electronic waste, and approximately 7,722 pounds of paper shredded. Thanks to all those that participated, and our wonderful sponsors including Advanced Disposal, Lexington County Solid Waste, and Palmetto Pride.

When it comes to keeping our parks, green spaces, and community looking their best, we all need to take a moment and pitch-in. I hope you all will take time to properly dispose of your waste when you visit one of our beautiful parks or Town Hall, and join us in going green. 

- Town of Batesburg-Leesville