Board of Zoning Appeals

Term of Office:

4 years


Nine members appointed by Town Council. Members must reside within the Batesburg-Leesville Town limits.

  • Hear appeals and grant variances to the Zoning Ordinance.
  • The Board rules on three types of appeals: Administrative Review, Special Exceptions and Requests for Variances.
  • Have a general understanding of the Zoning Code.
  • Observe attendance requirements.
  • Appeals of the Board are handled by a court of record within 30 days of a decision.
  • Must attend state-mandated six-hour orientation training within one year of appointment and attend at least three hours of continuing education each year.


Meeting Schedule:

The Board of Zoning Appeals meets the third Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers at Town Hall, as needed. There is usually one to two cases on each agenda and meetings last for approximately 30 minutes. 

Board of Zoning Appeals Members
Billy Brown District 1 Member Expires 11/2025
Burch Antley District 2 Member Expires 11/2027
Shirley Barr District 3 Member Expires 11/2025
Lillie Gives District 4 Member Expires 11/2027
VACANT District 5 Member Expires 11/2025
VACANT District 6 Member Expires 11/2027
Justin Trotter District 7 Member Expires 11/2025
Shelma Fallaw Morgan District 8 Member Expires 11/2027
Kevin Duggins At-Large Member Expires 11/2025








Board of Zoning Appeals Meetings are held as Needed