Mayor Stresses Preparedness as Hurricane Approaches

Posted by Seth Duncan Wednesday, September 12, 2018 11:14:00 AM

Mayor Lancer Shull is asking all residents and businesses of Batesburg-Leesville to take immediate steps to protect life and property as Hurricane Florence approaches.

“We have been monitoring this storm for several days, and as it approaches landfall, it’s becoming increasingly clear we will be affected by this severe storm,” said Mayor Shull.

The Mayor recommends all residents and business owners to take the following actions:

  • Secure all outdoor furniture, plants, trash/recycling cans, portable basketball goals, and other objects that may become projectiles in high winds.
  • Bring in or secure all pets and animals.
  • Stock up on essential items including food, water, medication, batteries and other supplies.
  • Plan for power outages by fueling vehicles and generators, securing cash, and charging cell phones and other essential devices/equipment. Individuals who rely upon electricity for oxygen or other medical aids should plan accordingly.  
  • Stay tuned to local radio, television, and responsible social media sites for the latest updates and information.
  • Help a neighbor prepare for the storm.

Lastly, the Mayor asks that residents and businesses help town officials by calling Town Hall to report clogged storm drains, loose debris, and other potential hazards. “We are all in this together, so please be patient with one another and we will make it through.”

Additional resources:

For more information, please contact Town Hall at (803) 532-4601.