Planning Commission

Term of Office:

4 years


Nine members appointed by Town Council. Members must reside within the Batesburg-Leesville Town limits.


  • Makes recommendations to Town Council regarding zoning and rezoning requests.
  • Makes recommendations to Town Council regarding the adoption of zoning and text amendments.
  • Reviews and makes recommendations regarding requests for annexation into the Town limits.
  • Develop and carry out a continuing planning program for the Town's physical, social, and economic growth, as well as development and re-development predominantly through the Comprehensive Plan.
  • Must have understanding of attendance requirements.
  • Must attend state-mandated six-hour orientation training within one year of appointment and attend at least three hours of continuing education each year.

Meeting Schedule:

The Planning Commission meets the third Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers at Town Hall, as needed. There is usually one to two cases on each agenda and meetings last for approximately one hour. 

Commission Members

District 1 Member
District 2 Member
District 3 Member
District 4 Member
District 5 Member
District 6 Member
District 7 Member
District 8 Member