Police Department

Message from the Chief

Welcome to the Batesburg-Leesville Police Department website. The origins of this law enforcement agency dates back nearly 150 years, beginning in 1875 with the incorporation of the Town of Leesville and with the incorporation of the Town of Batesburg in 1877. Both the Batesburg and Leesville Police Departments consolidated in 1993 to form the Batesburg-Leesville Police Department. Since its humble origin, the Batesburg-Leesville Police Department has continued to improve in its ability to provide unparalleled services to the citizens of Batesburg-Leesville.  

The Batesburg-Leesville Police Department employs 30 highly skilled and professional law enforcement officers who work diligently in one of the agency’s five primary divisions: The Patrol Division, the Investigation Division, Dispatch and Detention Division, the Community Services Division, and the Judicial Services Division. Senior Management Staff Officers and myself coordinate with and manage these five divisions to ensure that the citizens of Batesburg-Leesville receive the most effective law enforcement services that our agency can provide.

The employees of the Batesburg-Leesville Police Department are fully trained and certified by the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy to meet the challenges that face our community. Officer training, which occurs on a continual and progressive basis, is considered a priority for this agency. Also, many of our law enforcement officers receive additional advanced training in specialized fields that further develop the capabilities of the department by assisting the citizens with any conceivable need while enhancing the quality of life within the Batesburg-Leesville Community.

Management of the Batesburg-Leesville Police Department seeks to be effective stewards of taxpayer funding, which is provided by the Town of Batesburg-Leesville as necessary operational funding, through the establishment of focused goals and objectives that have the greatest positive impact for the Batesburg-Leesville Community. Any supplemental organizational financial or equipment needs are generally met through grants, federal programs or by private donations.

As Chief of Police, I am proud to be a part of the Batesburg-Leesville Community and will ensure that the Batesburg-Leesville Police Department continues to provide impeccable services to our citizens, while preparing our exceptional officers and employees of the Batesburg-Leesville Police Department to meet the challenges of the future.

Chief Darren Amick